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vintagecerulean's Journal

Vitani and Seth's Icons
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Welcome to vintagecerulean! An icon and graphics journal by shadowvitani and badluck_cat. This is where we'll be posting various icons and graphics from time to time. (Also sometimes taking requests.) And remember credit is appreciated. We're not going to hunt you down and make sure you're crediting because quite frankly we don't have the time or the energy to do something like that. We also won't be making this journal friends only. Mostly because we would be too lazy to remember to add people who asked to be added. Though speaking on credit you can find brush credits here.

1. If you're going to take something please comment and tell us what number(s) you're taking. It helps us know which styles are good and which styles aren't so good. 

2. Also credit! Why? Because it's a fair trade. We make the icon and you credit in exchange for using it. All we're asking is you either put our name or the name of the community in the keywords of your icon. 

3. Don't modify our icons.  We don't make bases so there. Thus the icons we post aren't yours to alter unless we say you can. If you're talented enough to take and customize an icon I made then you are certainly talented enough to make an icon on your own. Therefore no modifying my stuff. 

4. Friending my icon journal is a good thing. Though this icon journal isn't FO the request posts usually are. I'm picky like that. I only do requests for friends you want a request you friend the journal. Again it kinda goes back to the fair trade thing. Plus :D Me likey friends.

Why yes we do take requests. Though not all the time. Usually if We're feeling bored or in an icon slump we'll make a post that says I'm taking them. This post is Friends Only though. Like I mentioned in the rules I only make icons for friends of this journal. (So add the journal silly!)

Of course a request naturally means I'm making an icon for you, but I shouldn't have to find the image and decide what the icon says. I'm seriously probably just as lazy as you are and if I'm doing you a favor I don't like to be doing all the work. Simple as that. All I ask if you provide me with an image, (A good image! Not some skimpy 150x150 image that gives me no rom to actually work) and what you want on the icon.

Also credit! If I make you a requested icon I expect you to credit. Nothing will irritate me faster than to find out that I took the time to make you something and you couldn't take the time to give me credit for it.
Icontest are awesome! Icon makers and icon users alike should all join icontests that suit their intrests. It's a great way for icon makers to test their skills and maybe even learn some new tips or tricks along the way. Even if you don't make icons joining and just voting on a regular basis rocks as well. GJ has some fabulous icontest communites. Most of which I'm a part of. The moderators are all awesome there as well so they are worth checking out! Also included are some worthwhile communities.
anime_itest anime_medley animeawards animestills bishoujo_awards bishounenawards bleach_icontest bleachbeat bleachorus ccs_awards clamp_icontest clampchorus ff_awards ff_girls_awards fma_awards furuba_awards furuba_chorus inuawards mangaicontest rk_icontest ryuudan saiyuki_awards tantei_stills tsubasa_awards wolfsrainawards wr_chorus ygo_icontest

Below is the list of our affiliates. If you'd like to be added please comment here! farther_east _bunniness butterfly_icons iselia kiri_no_ookami tender_color geekity pichus_paradise muse_of_miyu reggie_icons y0chappy tomfool_tomboy badlydrawnicons soylent_icons clampesque _graphiclove lucific m_ka55